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In association with our theme in the practice this month of "preparation" I wanted to give you my best recommendations on how to create the ideal morning routine.  I am an enormous believer that each day you must have time to reflect inward, get quiet and be extremely productive.  This one action will radically change your state, your internal story and the strategies you create to solve the problems in your day. At Aligned Life Chiropractic and Wellness we have 5 Core Values that we live by.  The 5 are; 1) Know Yourself 2) Take Responsibility 3) Listen To Your Body 4) Have A Long Term Focus and 5) Prioritize Self Care.  When looking at setting up your morning routine through the lens of these ideas, this is what you will find. 1) When you know yourself it will be easy to do the following: Determine what time of day to do your routine If you have identified you are a procrastinator you will want to put your hardest item first If you wake up feeling depleted then start by fueling your body with healthy food and water If you wake up feeling tired you will want to exercise If your first thought are fear based you will want to meditate to clear the anxiety of starting a new day. 2.) When you are taking responsibility for your health it will be smoother to do the following: Own your feelings Recognize you have the ability to change your perception of your reality Give yourself time and be patient with yourself Get into a positive mindset Take the necessary actions towards your desired outcome 3.) When you listen to your body it will be clear to do the following: Act on what it is telling you If you are stiff then stretch out If you are tired then sleep in or take a nap later in the day If you are in pain review the previous day for injury causing body positions If you have range of motion loss, schedule an adjustment If you feel weak then get some strength training in 4.) When you have a long term focus it will become obvious to do the following: Review your goals daily Set your intention for the day (make a plan) Execute by anticipating challenges and create work arounds 5.) When you prioritize self-care it will become important for you to do the following: Journal Walk Meditate

Before I begin, let me be clear, I am not an expert in yoga, mindfulness or mediation. That being said, I am a Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner.  This means that according to the International Chiropractic Association, I am an expert in all things that cause stress to the human body, how the body adapts to those stressors and what drives the body away from health and towards disease.  With these ideas in mind, I want to talk with you about why I believe having a yoga practice is a must for anyone looking to live a long, injury free life. Three years ago, myself and two of my neighbors started meeting in a garage at 5:15 AM in order to do some weight lifting and 30 minutes of yoga.  We used an app called Yoga Studio which can be purchased through the App Store and acts as your guide.  We liked the app because it allowed us to customize our routine in intensity, the types of poses and length of the session.  We dubbed this morning workout which we completed on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays as “Groga” (this is not a typo).  The reason for this was we were practicing yoga, it was done in a garage and we were always incredibly groggy (haha). As a life long athlete and someone who played division one college athletics, I have always been extremely tight.  I was never able to touch my toes, extend my spine backwards very far or stretch my extremities for fear of cramping up.  That being said, although the initial few months of my "Groga" practice was difficult and mainly uncomfortable, I began to notice some enormous changes in the flexibility of my body.  I also fell in love with the way my body felt after completing a session. My favorite part of doing yoga was the time at the end of the session when your body is fatigued, you are completely focused on the movements and you have stopped thinking about your to do list.  I loved coming into present time consciousness by completing the session with a guided meditation.  Albeit in the beginning I really struggled with clearing my thoughts, and still to this day struggle continue to have challenge with this from time to time, I was able to progressively improve how quickly and deeply I was able to meditate. The practice of yoga for me eliminated two of the